SEMCO GROUP | Message From CEO
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Message From CEO

Md. Abdus Samad

AssalamuAlikum. Over the past decade, Semco Chemical Products has made a great contribution to the National Economy by its production and manufacturing of spot/stain remover chemicals in the garments industry. It is extremely useful for removal of machine oil, gum, ring mark, dirty, belt’s ink, black ink, ball pen ink, blood, pet, yellow mark, turmeric, rust, printing etc. spot/stain of the garments industry. We are in continuous process of identifying the latest spots discovered in this industry and producing the new chemicals to instantly remove such spots. We have numerous skilled and efficient technicians and trainers to identify different spots and stains solve the problem and teach how to use such chemicals. We are the only licensed producer of spot/stain remover chemical in Bangladesh and our sample is properly tested by BCSIR. It is world’s best, easy to use, toxic free and ozone safe. We always put our best to meet our customer demand, the right quantity, high quality, reasonable price and timely delivery. In additional to Semco Chemical Products, we have been engaged in providing services by our other concerns like Semco Products Ltd. Semco Fashion, SemcoPharma, GSR Chemical Company and ALERT (the non-profitable segment). We hope that our valued and honorable customers shall be benefited by our services and satisfied with our dealings.